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Suddenly opened his eyes, Lebron 14 Shoes only 6 people feel chest heart pounded as the yard experienced a vigorous exercise like racing, Lebron 13 shoes came out from the heart pump blood fast flow to every part of the body, Lebron 13 Elite cold sweat oozes back , but some cold extremities.

   Lebron 12 Elite tried to want to control his erratic consciousness.

   This is where?

   Eyes finally fixed on the old ceiling Lebron 14 Shoes, an incandescent bulb hanging alone in the middle of the ceiling.

   This Lebron 13 Elite does not seem very familiar ceiling ceiling, but away too long, old-fashioned Soviet-style red brick old building, Lebron 13 shoes 195 factory dormitory are not all in this style it?

   Yourself how will be here, Lebron 12 Elite do not say the accident did not let his injury?

   Impossible, when the vine leaves gush mouth breathing Xuemo and later spit out the blood clots, as well as his own chest ribs broken and even now he can clearly feel, fuzzy just a few seconds of consciousness after a short time, they no longer Lebron 13 shoes can not remember.

   Lebron 13 Elite 6 people groaned, subconsciously rubbed his bulging temples, only felt some faint head, thinking also Lebron 12 Elite want to stagnate in general, Lebron 14 Shoes like sleeping for a long time, and some wood.